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Evanescence - Giclee on canvas

To you, who had to let go of this exquisite being that is a horse, in the name of love, to relieve his sufferings. For you who faced this difficult choice, the most difficult one we have to make in this deep and profound relationship we can build with a horse. This choice that rips our heart out, but that we must take because we love this horse even more than we do ourselves... I created this painting as a tribute to this "goodbye", this crossing to another realm, and I sincerely dedicated it to you. Rest assured that you took the right decision, this divine equine that deeply inhabits your heart is now well, happy, relieved from any form of pain besides maybe the inability to rest his head on your shoulder. He gallops through the clouds, the stars, all over the universe, in total freedom, pure happiness and filled with joy. Let him (her) go, let him (her) fly away! As an angel he (she) will now look over your shoulder and whisper his wisdom to your ear whenever you are in need.

I especially dedicate this painting to everyone who was confronted to the difficult choice to euthanize a horse, either because of a sickness, a tragic accident, or any hopeless suffering, because they loved him (her), wished him (her) well. I also dedicate it to everyone who was forced to let go of a cherished being, following suffering and agony. Grief is amongst the most difficult challenges paving our life journey. I wished to try to bring comforting, soothing by showing the wellness of this precious being that vanished from our life in its earthly body form.

Reproduction of the original oil painting Evanescence by Malem. Giclee on canvas, mounted on a frame. The original artwork is 36 x 48 inches
**Other sizes available, please contact Malem.

***Each giclee is signed by hand by Malem.

Size: 18 x 24 pouces

Price: 135.00

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