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Copper Iberan Horse Windson necklace Small

This is a copper pendant casted from my original sculpture. I made the mold for casting and adjust each pendant manually. This beautiful pendant represents the iberian breeds. It is mounted on an 18" copper colored chain (will not tarnish). The pendant is 100% pure copper and coated with a professional wax to prevent tarnishing. This is the small version, a bigger similar pendant is available.

Pendant is 1 5/8 inches x 1 1/4 inches. This is a very lovely piece and I am very proud of it. Hope it will fulfill your equine dreams!

PENDANT AVAILABLE IN .925 SILVER ON REQUEST. (+30.00$ and 2 weeks production time)

Size: 18 pouces - pendantif 1 5/8

Price: 90.00

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