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Black Jack - Glass Horse Sculpture

This is a very special piece for me. I wanted to honor the carriage horse Black Jack who collapsed on the street in the city of Montreal. It includes one of my art beads representing Black Jack as a reliable working horse and is intended as a medal of honor for all his hard work. He was lucky enought to be rescued by our local organisation and now lives in the country, free in a large field with horse friends. The winged horse on top of this piece represents his second chance, and his rebirth to a new happy live. The art bead may be worn as a pendant or displayed whith the sculpture when now worn. If like me you are pro animal welfare, this is for you!

This piece is especially magical, as it the maple wood base includes hidden led lights that change color and can light the sculpture from below, controled and programmed with an included remote control. View a short sample

Note: shipping for sculptures is higher and vary depending on your location. You may request a quote prior to purchasing or I will contact you with shipping quote.

Size: 5.5 po large x 6.75 po long x 8.5 po haut

Price: 1550.00


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