Malem Equine Artist

Since my early childhood I have drawn, played with colors, clay and several mediums. Since I could hold a crayon, I drew horses.

I was fortunate enough to attend drawing and pottery classes at the Visual Art Centre in Westmount.

I studied at the Ahuntsic College of Montreal and obtained my Graphic Arts degree in 1989 (D.E.C).

Being a self-taught person I learned computer graphics, CGI and web site programming. As a freelance artist, I designed and program web sites, created computer graphics and handmade or digital illustrations in 2D or 3D. I have also drawn hyper realistic animal illustrations for a special collection published by Les Editions Québec Amérique, illustrations for the Granby Zoo, character and children illustrations, and more.

As passionate self-worker, I have constantly improved myself. My unquenchable learning appetite is a constant source of inspiration guiding me towards new techniques and experimentations, the most recent one being glass painting for which my fascination remains endless.

I very much enjoy making glass horse paintings and sculptures.

My goal is to bring life into my art: movenent and expression, emotions, attitude and breed specifics. Each piece is unique. I want to share how I see horses, their true and pure nature, wild and free. I also like to illustrate their gentleness, generosity, fragility and great strength.

I love the wilderness and I live in the forest with my partner and several pets, the most cherished ones beeing our horses. Having shared my life with horses for over 27 years, I train my boys regularly at liberty and in hand, sometimes riding, focussing on a very trusting and special relationship. I also often go hand out with them and also sometimes draw them while we hang out. Countless hours are spent observing them, getting to know them better and sharing.

My great love for animals, and particularly an epileptic horse, has led me to equine massage. I have been trained in 2000 in equine sport massage and since then, I completed this course by endless hours of personal research, experimenting and studying. This also led me into deeper anatomical studies, equine biomechanics, understand of movement and training principles that I apply to my art.

Landscapes, animals, flowers, plants and even stones mean so much to me.
Therefore, my works are also inspired by this wonderful nature which I love so much, a forever love. And sometimes by a little fantasy…

Malem FlameworkingMalem and her horseMalem and her horseMalem and her horseMalem and her horseMalem and her horse

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